Music Review Styles King 4PM In Los Angeles

 Styles King: 4PM In Los Angeles: Review


After you press play you hear a mid-tempo drum pattern creep along-side a simple, yet haunting bass line, then you realize, you’ve heard this instrumental before. What comes next is a low pitch- semi laid back voice uncommon to some, that voice belongs to Los Angeles rapper “Styles King”. The rising rapper holds hip hop giant Drake’s “4 pm in Calabasas” instrumental hostage for nearly 4 minutes on the track 4PM in Los Angeles. “Ya’ll shook up, I’m still on the cook up /Do it better by myself reflection competition” are the opening lines. Simple wording yet complicated rhyme schemes. Not necessarily going for easy rhyming words (cat-hat) he does this many times. “Try to keep up, ain’t even start to heat up/ but recognize top ramen when it’s in front of ya.” With enough double-entendres to make J. Cole smile, it’s rhyming & wordplay that give this song replay value.

4PM in Los Angeles allows the listener to ride shotgun down Pico Blvd, or maybe more so through the mind of Styles King who raps like a young man with the maturity of an elder. The beat selection is tailored like a wedding suit for his vocal tone and uninterrupted bar fest.

Styles King taking on a Drake beat reminds me of Rocky 1. Rocky was an unknown boxer who took his best shot against the heavy weight champion of the world Apollo Creed. The world didn’t know what to expect when the bell rang, but at the end of 15 rounds he earned the respect of his competitor, fans, and critics. If Styles King can display the same qualities shown on 4 PM in Los Angeles for an entire album, he’ll be in good shape to go the distance in the ring called Hip Hop.


Written by Bryan Leonard